Pioneering Web3 & Emerging Tech Talent

From vision to reality, our journey at Chief Block is driven by the pursuit of excellence in Web3 and Emerging Tech executive recruitment. Join us as we empower organizations and executives to shape the future of technology.


Meet our team

Nicolette Mattessich - Chief Block
Nicolette Mattessich
Managing Director
Hamed Faqirzai - Chief Block
Hamed Faqirzai
Recruitment Specialist
Muayad Al-Naqeeb- Chief Block
Muayad Al-Naqeeb
Recruitment Specialist
Nikita Sachdev - Chief Block
Nikita Sachdev
Harmesh Johal - Chief Block
Harmesh Johal
Maral Nouri- Chief Block
Maral Nouri

our vision

We aim to lead recruitment in Web3 and Emerging Tech, transforming how executive talent aligns with innovative companies. With a practical commitment, we strive to be recognized as effective game changers, driving advancements that reshape the future.

our mission

At Chief Block, we're dedicated to connecting exceptional executive talent with visionary organizations in Web3 and Emerging Tech. Leveraging our industry network, we carefully curate top C-suite opportunities, aiming to be game changers that contribute to a thriving ecosystem propelling the industry forward.